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What is Insurance What is International Travel Insurance?

International travel insurance provides coverage for a variety of unexpected events ranging from lost belongings, cancellation of flight and trip, covid-19, burglary, to emergency medical care. These plans aim to secure your travel and provide financial support for you in a foreign land; thus, establishing a strong need for international travel insurance policies. It is crucial to take and international travel insurance policy because when you are in a foreign land you may not have anyone to help you in your difficult times and the preparation made by you in terms of financials may not be able to cover the high-rated currencies of many countries.

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Best Travel Insurance India Types of International Travel Insurance Policy

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance

This insurance policy is taken only for a single journey and commences as soon as the journey begins; it is valid for the travel period and expires when the journey comes to an end. Many coverages such as medical expenses, trip-related expenses, transportation-related expenses, etc. are provided.

  • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

This type of international travel policy lasts for the period of one year and can be renewed over and over again. It covers all the trips that are taken within that year. It is mainly beneficial for travelers who take abroad tips frequently and provides coverage against all the major risks such as baggage loss, flight cancellation and delays, trip-related expenses, medical expenses, etc.

  • Schengen Travel Insurance

This policy can be taken when you are traveling to one or more of the 26 European countries that are constituted within the Schengen area. If you are traveling to a Schengen country you compulsorily need to take an insurance with a sum insured of 30 thousand euros or more to get their visa.

  • Worldwide Travel Insurance (Including USA and Canada)

This policy can be taken by anyone travelling from India to any part of the world including the United States of America as well as Canada. This policy is usually does not cover Schengen countries. It includes various covers such as baggage loss, medical expenses, non-medical expenses,etc.

  • Worldwide Travel Insurance (Excluding USA and Canada)

This type of insurance policy is suitable for anyone travelling to different parts of the world except for United States of America Canada as well as schengen countries. It includes all the typical coverages of a travel insurance.

  • Family Travel Insurance

This this kind of policy is suitable for families that are travelling abroad together. The insured members of the family can use the sum assured under this policy on an individual or family floater basis. Most insurance policies cover the insured, their spouse, and upto 2 dependent children.

  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Senior citizen travel insurance plans are meant for elderly travelers of age 71 or above. They cover various health and age-related aspects of senior citizens that are excluded from basic travel insurance benefits.

  • Student Travel Insurance

This is a student-friendly policy that is designed for Indians traveling abroad for study purposes. It has an extended validity of up to 2 years and comes with extra benefits like study interruption, sponsor protection, etc.

  • Corporate Travel Insurance

This policy can be taken when a person has to travel regularly for business purposes. It is generally valid for one year during which all the trips are covered. Loss of documents, baggage loss, medical expenses, etc. are covered.

  • Group Travel Insurance

This is a comprehensive travel insurance policy that is for people who are traveling in a minimum group of 10 people abroad. Personal accident and baggage cover are the basic benefits, and other benefits can also be taken.

  • Medical Travel Insurance

This policy provides comprehensive coverage focused on all medical-related expenses that might be incurred during travel overseas. This includes cover for medical evacuation, hospitalization, daycare, dental expenses, repatriation of remains, etc.

Advantages of Insurance India Advantages of an International Travel Insurance Policy in India

There are a lot of benefits that you can avail with an international travel insurance policy which make your trip stress-free, some of them include:

  • Emergency medical treatment, medical assistance, medical evacuation, pre and post hospitalization expenses, repatriation expenses and any other medical contingencies are covered.
  • Losses suffered due to cancellation, delay or curtailment of a trip due to any personal or professional reasons are covered.
  • Delay, theft and complete loss of baggage is included in the policy.
  • Cashless hospitalisation facility in the network hospitals worldwide of the insurance provider can be availed.
  • Third party legal liability is also covered along with the legal costs and the settlement cost.
  • Fulfills the mandatory requirement of some countries to have an international travel insurance visa while visiting those countries.
  • Emergency cash assistance is also provided in case you face a loss of cash due to theft, robbery or pilferage.
  • Coverage is provided for all ages so anyone from a student to a senior citizen and anyone can avail this policy.
  • Flight related adversity search as slide delay, missing connection flight, flight hijack, etc. are also covered in the policy.
  • You can enjoy your trip thoroughly because you will have a piece of mind that you will be financially protected in case of any adverse circumstances which will also lead to a stress-free and safe journey.

Inclusions Insurance Policy India Inclusions in an Overseas Travel Insurance Policy

  • Medical expenses cover.
  • Loss of baggage cover.
  • Trip cancellation and disruption cover.
  • Financial emergency assistance.
  • Flight delays/cancellations
  • Missed connection flight cover.
  • Medical evacuation.
  • Passport loss cover.
  • Personal liability.
  • Legal costs cover.
  • Dental coverage.
  • Repatriation expenses cover.
  • Flight hijack risk cover.
  • Compassionate visit of one family member.
  • Trip delay.
  • Baggage delay.
  • Home burglary insurance.

Many other benefits can also be included in your policy with an additional premium according to your requirements.

Exclusions Insurance Policy India Exclusions in an International Travel Insurance Policy

  • Claims or treatment expenses caused due to use of intoxicating expenses.
  • War, terrorism, civil war or other catastrophic events.
  • Alternative treatment.
  • Cosmetic surgery.
  • Adventure sport activities.
  • Self-harm or suicide.
  • Pre-existing diseases.
  • Loss of passport when it’s left unattended.
  • Loss of luggage that is shipped separately.
  • Travelling to high-risk nations due to war, terrorism, natural calamities, etc.
  • Travelling against the advice of a medical professional.
  • Any other exclusions stated in the policy documents.

Buy Insurance in India Eligibility of Buying International Travel Insurance Online India

  • Anyone between the age of 3 months and 60 years can be covered in general policies. Many companies offer coverages below the minimum age and above the maximum age as well.
  • Maximum of 4 individuals can be covered under one policy unless it’s a group policy.
  • Students between the age of 16 to 40 years enrolled in a concerned foreign institute can take up the student travel insurance.
  • Senior citizens up till the age of 85 years can take a senior citizen travel insurance policy.
  • People above the age of 3 months and below the age of 70 years can take a Schengen Insurance Policy.

Claim Insurance Policy India Claim Process for International Travel Insurance

  • You can settle travel insurance claims in a quick, easy and trouble-free way.
  • You simply have to inform your insurance provider in case you encounter an emergency or need medical assistance or any other type of coverage while traveling.
  • In case you don’t inform the insurer as soon as you can, the claim might be rejected.
  • After being informed, the insurance provider will ask you to fill a claim form and submit relevant details and documents related to your trip as well as supportive claim documents.
  • After this you will be reimbursed up to the amount of loss suffered by you or the sum insured, whichever is lesser.

International Travel Insurance with Covid-19 Coverage

Travel insurance can protect you against the financial loss suffered due to coronavirus only in certain situations such as:

  • Emergency medical treatments are covered if the tickets were booked before the travel ban took place.
  • Domestic delays of trips and luggage loss as a result of outbreak of Covid-19.
  • Overseas trip cancellations and delays are covered only on existing travel policies as per the terms and conditions of when they bought it.
  • Moreover if only the trip gets cancelled due to a Covid-19 outbreak, it is covered.

Add-on Covers Insurance Policy What is the need for buying an Overseas Travel Insurance Policy?

Given below are the most significant reasons to purchase International Travel Insurance for you and your loved ones:

  • Compensation against financial losses abroad in case of unforeseen adversities so that you can enjoy your trip within your budget.
  • Expensive medical bills, especially in developed countries with advanced medical infrastructure.
  • Flight cancellations and delays are covered along with other flight-related emergencies.
  • Coverage against loss of passport, important documents, money and personal belongings.
  • Compensation for delay and loss of baggage.
  • Stress-free and safe road trips during overseas journeys.