Health Insurance is a vital component to any sound financial plan and is needed by everyone. Without proper coverage, you leave yourself open to financial risk and possibly financial ruin. Unexpected medical expenses are the largest reason people file bankruptcy.

Although most employers offer group coverage, not all employers offer medical benefits. Those that do usually offer only 1 plan, which may not meet the needs of you or your family. In addition, more and more employers are reducing thier contributions towards premium costs, sometimes requiring employees to pay the entire premium for spouse and dependent coverage.

Why purchase Individual Health Insurance?

 Financial Protection
Unexpected medical expenses are the single largest reason people file bankruptcy. Everyone should have health insurance. Without coverage you face financial risk and possibly financial ruin.

Premium Savings
Individual health insurance policies are typically less expensive than participating in a group plan offered by your employer, especially if you are responsible for your spouse and dependent premiums.

Individual health insurance plans offer the greatest flexabilty. You purchase the benefits that you and your family need, nothing else. Employer sponsored group plans may require you to pay premiums for benefits such as Maternity, that your family might not need or ever use.

Portable Coverage
Unlike employer sponsored group health insurance that terminates when you change jobs, you and your family can keep your individual or family policy for as long as you choose to pay the premium.

Tax Advantages
Self-employed individuals are allowed to deduct 100% of the premium for health insurance. In addition, HSA's offer excellent premium savings and tax benefits, and may not be offered by an employer sponsored group plan.

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