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Weekly Medical Insurance News Roundup

This edition of the Weekly Medical Insurance News Roundup has several different articles of note. The first discusses how the media itself might derail Medical care reform. Another article deals with several road blocks to reform, including Medicare and private Medical isnruance, while another article looks at the growing trend of making employees choose between Medical insurance and increased salaries. All of this and more on the Weekly Medical Insurance News Roundup.

News Media Possibly Problematic for Medical Care Reform, Roadblocks to Reform and Trading Cash for Coverage
Article: "Cheap Medical Insurance - Reality or Fiction?"

There's an old term that states, "You get what you pay for." This usually means that, for example, if you pay less for a lower-quality product or service, you'll get an experience that is also of low quality, and vice-versa...

Cheap Medical Insurance - Reality or Fiction?

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